Six-year old Fianna reviews Lisa

Each review of Lisa has given me a better understanding of what my project was about. Like mirrors, they show what the reader saw of themself in the book. Most have been by chessplaying men (Amazon reviews are here, Goodreads are here). But no one has identified more strongly with the protagonist than Fianna, who brings some of her own charming experiences into the story. Watching her helped me remember that we all bring our own life into every text we read, but that – as adults – we pretend that we are reading someone else’s story.

The Story of the Cover

The main reason I decided to publish Lisa myself was that I wanted full aesthetic responsibility. I especially needed to be behind the face of the book. So many books I love are marred by an incongruent picture that somebody else slapped on it. And this experience creates the impression that you have to go past the cover, like some kind of barrier, to get to what the author really wants to say.

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